Some good memories from last summer. It was the first vacation for a long time when I could relax.

1. During the holiday we were obsessed with Pokemon Go and we walked everywhere with our phones like zombies.

2. We were on a trip in the Bieszczady (beautiful Polish mountains and forests) where we ate the best dumplings in the world – with real blueberries and cream. It was a wonderful journey but we couldn’t find any cool Pokemon. 🙁

3. My boyfriend bought for me the perfect grey sweatshirt, which is so soft and comfy ❤

4. Beautiful and cute cosmetics from It’s Skin company – Babyface BB cream, Petit Blusher and Highlighter and serum with C vitamin.

5. I watched all seasons of Orange is the new black series and I look forward to the next one!

6. Also I watched Girls series and the first season was fantastic but everything after that was shit (pretty bad).


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